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Yeap and if it continues i am abandonment this game

People accept been accusatory how EA NBA Live Coins has been absolution non-auctionable 100 dollar players that absolutely accept a bound market.

Thing is, humans accept to apprehend that even if beneath than 0.01 percentof players or lets say about 20,thats still earns the bold 2000 dollars for basically next to annihilation in creating the player.

EA knows that almost anyone will buy this promo but the ones who will is abundant to accomplish them accumulation abnormally if they do it everyday.

Yeap and if it continues i am abandonment this game. i would be accomplished if they absolution a 99 ovr for 100$ every 2 or 3 months...

Then it would still be appropriate and i would buy them. but what they are accomplishing is, they beat you with this stuff. of advance they apperceive anybody has their favourite amateur and they try to hit them with their releases accustomed but cmon this is just too much.

I don't apperception ea absolution all this banknote alone player..but at atomic accord us f2p players something new to bullwork like the specialist event.

I didn't pay a penny yet i accept 96 authorization and my accompany accept 94-97 franchises after spending any money one the game!

I alone don't apperception to pay for some advantage, accept spent some money on this bold but the appraisement is outrageous, abnormally if you reside in countries with weaker economies.

More than 100 euros in countries like Portugal, Greece or Eastern Europe countries is A LOT and I'm not even accepting to South America or Africa. I'm accommodating to pay to accord to the bold developers but come on, the avidity is evident, no way to belie the pill.