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Recommendation of Star Template for NBA 2K20 Self-built Players

Kobe Bryant:

Operations and Investment Canada. Or organizations with backs. Or the organization will add a button. Look at the period you like Kobe Bryant. The essence is to add ball control to speed boots. Of course, Kobe Bryant's toughness, we can only have two skills far away, but we can't show his ability. Let's talk about Park capacity. All three kinds of parks are OK. But they are not the best. As long as you play habits. The back of the organization is slightly weaker. Back movement frequency is slow. Easy to be pulled out, easy to be clamped.


Sacred shooting tissue. Projection. Height 191 weighs the lightest in the main competition. The main park is the heaviest. The arm is the longest. The shoulders are the widest.


Ha-ha. As long as you've seen O'Neill play before modeling MT for sale 2k20. How to build a strong capital? The most similar is the dunk and rebound. Or deduction will be added to the defense. The back button will be slightly slow. Equipped with O'Neill's dunk. And a big buckle. Whether in the game or in the park. You can rule. The technical requirements are not high. But we need good teammates. The weight God said 136 kg. I studied it. With reason. Personally, I would recommend it. The highest, the heaviest, the longest and the widest. At present, Park C can be ruled.


In fact, everyone likes Owen because he is so coquettish. Let's play the limit. The lightest weight double tissues. The most appropriate organization is the ITC. In the park, the OPC team is good. The badge can produce purple ankles. Three-point ability is also not vulgar. Needless to say, if you choose a dual organization. You're a lone wolf, haha. In the park, three points depend on the wind and assists depend on Mongolia. This profession looks at the badge.


This is also my idol. Every generation will study him. Back with tissue. Defense plus organization. This kind of omnipotent front is too difficult to model. Because playing inside, it would be hard to use Garnett's official height of 2.11 meters and weight according to Garnett's physique. The arms are the longest and shoulders the widest. If you work like Garnett, the back-up jump shot is particularly stable. Sorry, except for the double back. It can't be done. Similarly, before big, thick eyebrows. Bo Shi.

Above is the recommendation of NBA 2k20 MT self-built player star template brought by Xiaobian for you. Those who like to create their own players as stars can use this as a reference. At last, I wish you a happy game!