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NFL - so long as they have NFL 18 Coins

Even assuming we could take the NFL's minimum pass attempt requirement as a statement by the league that we can compare QB worth accurately so long as they have NFL 18 Coins, that would not make the league's statement inherently correct statement.


Indeed, logic and most analysis would directly refute the point: stats aren't linear. Its the same reason that many 6th men bench players in the NBA are great as 6th men but their numbers off the bench don't extrapolate in a linear fashion if they become starters.

The analysis becomes simpler if we look at the chart that touched all this off. If efficiency is your primary basis for evaluating elite qbs, then you think Russell Wilson has been the best QB in the NFL over the last 3 years.

If he had won that second super bowl, yes. But because he didn't, rankings like these won't include him. He may have the numbers compared to others, but a lot of these rankings are only dependent on fans' perception of what an elite quarterback is.

This changes frequently and usually just includes tall quarterbacks who epitomize the "pocket passer" mythos from days past.

I'm not saying Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers shouldn't be there, they should. But is Matt Ryan really elite? Even Big Ben, who has Antonio brown, hasn't gone deep into the playoffs in how long?

This doesn't include my objective measures of what an elite quarterback is, which would include data to support their importance as one player on an entire team, importance in winning, etc. This explanation only seeks to explain why the media, who puts together these rankings, choose the way they do.