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NFL - column afore the alpha of Thursdays game.

Everyone can play for all 17 Weeks and try to get the accomplished bulk of credibility for the season. You can all agitation afterwards who's the NFL 18 Coins, the Tournament winner, or the guy with the accomplished division point total.

They have to be acquaint in this cilia no afterwards than 10:00am PST|1pm EST time on Sundays. If you wish to add players for Thursdays game, column afore the alpha of Thursdays game.

You may alone adapt afore Thursday 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST. If you charge to change your picks afterwards that, amuse actualize a new column and your old one will be disregarded. Obviously, you cannot change one of your picks who played Thursday night. Cover the Thursday night amateur in your new post.

I like the Survivor game, but so abounding humans are out afterwards anniversary 1. This is something area you can play all season, so even if you don't get off to a acceptable alpha you can accomplish up ground.

Shouldn't you aswell cover that "You should accomplish a column aswell adage that you can change your picks afore the deadline, but can't adapt your aboriginal post. You charge to change the picks by authoritative a new post"?

I beggarly injuries do appear up and humans do change their mind, but you don't wish anyone cheating by alteration their aboriginal column and alteration a amateur who did bad for one that did good.