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NBA 2K20 Rapid Breakthrough and Surpass

In the NBA 2K20, AI stickers are very strong. Many friends find it impossible to break through AI's defense line, let alone shoot. So here, Xiaobian brings you NBA 2k20 MT fast passing and breakthrough scoring methods to share. Need friends can come and see.

Sharing Quick Passing and Breakthrough Scoring Methods

The 2K20's hide sugar defense is almost no one, how can we stick to it one step at a time? Last night, we found a quick and simple breakthrough to tell you:

1. At the beginning of the main play, the back court ball is given to the ball holder, pushed to the three-point line attachment opposite, a little more than one step away from the defender, quickly and continuously press the keyboard number key 4 to 6 or 6 to 4 (the following figures are all keyboards). (If the dribbler is a right-handed player, press 4 to lift the ball quickly when holding the right hand, press 6 to lift the left hand and vice versa), then press WD or WA (front right or front left) to accelerate, if Success will find that one step will be sudden (now found Durant alphabet brother is the best use) in theory can be good action, according to different action, and the distance between the defender and the player need to test and adjust, and finally accelerate or not also need to adjust according to the player's own experiment, and finally ask the player to try many times, this is simple but not mindless need to grasp the distance.

Then there are some effective ways to score goals.

2. It's easy to get out of the way. Acceleration and 5 are buckles, and four-to-six or six-to-four are European steps. (The front row reminds this generation of badges that it's very important, that is to say, if there's no European step badge that will be sealed, it's a bit inexpensive to get out of the way before going in.)

3. In addition, this generation does not need to be totally superior to achieve scoring results. The probability of strong layup is not low (also relying on badges). The recommended retreat shooting is much more optimized than the previous generation (when retreat begins to build up strength), and the A-player can score easily.

Above is the NBA 2k20 MT coins brought to you by Xiaobian. We hope this tutorial can help you.