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How to Play the Hall of Fame in NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 Hall of Fame Difficulty is one of the most difficult levels in the game. Many players can't get started on it. They are often beaten by AI without any help. Today, Xiaobian brings you the experience of Hall of Fame Difficulty, hoping to help you all.

Firstly, it is not recommended that players or novices who score below 85 directly play Hall of Fame Difficulty. After all, this game is a gradual process. You should have a grasp and scale of what difficulty you are suitable for.

Second, buy Gatorade and strengthen cards. This is necessary. Buying and not buying are two effects. If you don't buy Gatorade, you will lose your strength as a core player before the third quarter is over. Your dribbling, speed and even shooting will feel a significant decline. Not to mention strengthening cards, of course, purchasing strengthening cards should be targeted.

I recommend jump shots, layups and possession. Gatorade is full of three. Of course, you are Tuhao or brush VC at will.

Thirdly, in the coach setting, the tactical route is selected, the offensive and defensive tactics are set automatically. In the Hall of Fame difficulty, nobody can do second best, first of all, the computer's hide sugar defense, second is the damn strength bar. If the third ball is too much to score, even if it succeeds, it will be hard to add that score. So tactics are important. Occasionally you can call tactics to open the sheet and play, but you can't pass the ball immediately. Do more ball-less running.

Fourth, defense. This generation's attacking desire for point guards is very strong. Curie, Owen, Paul, Wal, Golden Brother, Villa, and Jordan (Lao Yang), the Spurs point guard. As long as you don't keep up, you stop jumping and you see the defence break down.

Here's the Hall of Fame defense

1. Skillfully use double-folder, which requires your experience, such as coming out of the opposite inner line to block and dismantle for him. Generally speaking, your teammates will not come out to help you defend. You must press double-folder, otherwise, more than 80 guards will throw directly under cover. Then you will try your best to defend, and you will find that the score shows: bad cap selection, defence disintegration.

2. Many people like close-up defense. It's not a park. I believe many people like me. They start playing computer defense at half-time. This is wrong, but you tend to lose your position. So be sure to keep the right distance from your counterpart. This, you need to look at his attributes, such as your anti-Rondo, you can be a little farther away from him, put him into 3 points, if you want to be close to Kuri, you must pack.

3. Try not to steal, Hall of Fame is not so easy to break. Bodily hair fouls and defensive missteps are all pots of stealing, so don't steal, but hold and interfere.

Fifth, the rational use of tactics, nba 2k20 mt coins to do a more human language is to call tactics, this is very important. Use this feature when the team can't open up.